Instantly assess flood risk to individual properties

FloodScore™ provides instant, cost-effective property-level flood risk scores and information for all properties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The data enables businesses or users to quickly evaluate and quantify flood risk and is available as an online checking service or as an easy to integrate database. 

The product uses the same advanced flood modelling techniques that are used by some of the UK’s major insurers, and integrates the most complete and up-to-date flood and building stock data available.

FloodScore™ gives its user the ability to quantify the likelihood of an individual property being flooded due to rainfall, overflowing rivers or tidal surges. The results include a range of return periods and also provide the likely depth of the flood waters for each of these periods.

To make it easy to use, each property has a single overall score which classifies the flood risk as being negligible, minimal, moderate, high or extreme. Reports can be saved and printed for future reference, and the search history makes your due diligence easy to audit.

Are you using the best flood risk data? Introducing FloodScore from Ambiental

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“Ambiental’s FloodScore™ service uses OS AddressBase products to give the most comprehensive and accurate flood analysis in the marketplace. With the best building level address information clients can be confident what exposure they are open to when using FloodScore™”.

Nick Macready, Ordnance Survey

Screenshot of the product

Below is an example flood risk check report produced by FloodScore™ Online:

FloodScore, flood risk check service

FloodScore™ Online, Subscription packages

FloodScore™ Online is available in various data packages, offering flexibility on the number of properties your business needs to check each year. All packages are based on an annual or monthly contract and provide the ability to upgrade your package at any time.

FloodScore™ Database

FloodScore™ Database is our highly detailed property-level flood risk database that can be served through our online system (see above). The database itself can be delivered directly to end users in a number of ways. These include as a complete database file (e.g. csv file), as a partial database file (e.g. only for Great Britain, North Ireland or a specific portfolio), or through using an API to integrate with your existing systems. The data is available on single/ multiyear licence agreements or as a one off data.

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