On Television

Members of the Ambiental team are regularly called upon by news agencies including the BBC, Sky and Channel4 to discuss flood risk and flood technology. Below are some examples of our television coverage.

Sky News – UK Floods in 2014

Dr Justin Butler, managing director of Ambiental, discusses the flood crisis affecting the UK in 2014, in an interview with Sky News.

BBC News – UK Floods in 2014

BBC coverage of the UK floods in 2014, including a short interview with Ambiental’s managing director, Dr Justin Butler, plus a display of our flood modelling technology.

BBC News at Ten – Dam Breach Assessment

Ambiental modelled the devastating impact a dam failure would have on a city centre. The results were featured on BBC News at Ten, following the Pitt Review’s recommendations with regards to the safety of dams and reservoirs in the UK.

Surface Water Flood Modelling – Hull 2007

Flowroute™ Surface Water flood modelling in Brandsholme, Hull superimposed with observed data from the flood events of 25th of June 2007.

Channel 4 Dispatches – Britain under water

BBC News 24 – Dr. Justin Butler Interview

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