Our technologies


Flowroute-i™ is Ambiental’s own flood modelling software. It was developed in collaboration with scientists at Cambridge University in the UK. We use it to develop our national and local flood models, which we regularly validate against real flood events. It is an exceptionally flexible, powerful, and easy to use modelling platform that has shown to predict flood risk with 85% accuracy.

Designed to handle complex urban environments

Flowroute-i™ was designed specifically to simulate river and floodplain dynamics in complex urban and rural areas, as well as in the mountainous regions. The technology models the complex interaction of pluvial (surface), fluvial (river) and tidal water sources, considering drainage, infiltration and groundwater levels.

Simulating events with outflows and flood defences

Using Flowroute-i™ we can also model what might happen if flood defences are breached, pipes burst or sewers overflow, and what could happen if water is pumped out of the area or escapes at a watershed point. This makes our modelling exceptionally flexible and realistic, and gives our clients a far more precise and detailed understanding of the risks.

Giving an accurate prediction of depth and velocity

Flowroute-i™ treats a floodplain as a grid of cells, with flow occurring between edge-connected cells at each time step. This offers an excellent dynamic picture of a flooding event, as well as highly accurate maximum depth and velocity at all points within the study area.

Rapid computing

We continually optimise Flowroute-i™ to reduce processing times and make the most of modern computing power. Today it can be run in a distributed or cloud computing environment, and can simulate flood flows across hundreds of millions of cell domains in parallel.

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