Global Flood News: Fire union is critical over flood planning

April 25, 20140 Comments

Fire Union, UK floods

International News

Fire union is critical over flood planning

Fire chiefs have defended the way they dealt with flooding on the Somerset Levels after union chiefs accused them of not having a proper plan in place.

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North American News

Risk of New York City coastal flooding has surged by factor of twenty

The chance of floodwaters overtopping Manhattan’s seawalls and inundating parts of the city has skyrocketed at least 20-fold since the mid-1800s thanks to swelling seas and mounting storm surges finds a new study.

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South American News

Video: Floods sweep through Bolivia

Torrential rainfall brings flash flooding to Bolivia, leaving motorists stranded and turning city streets into rivers.

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European News

Work carried out on flood defences to protect Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station

Flood defences at Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station have been improved to protect site from extreme weather.

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African News

Tanzania: Three people have died in Kyela floods

At least three people have died in Kyela District following heavy floods which swept through the area over the weekend.

Asian News

ADB provides Cambodia more than $80m for flood relief

The Asian Development Bank announced Wednesday that it will provide $81.7 million, including a $6.7 million grant from Australia, in additional financing to help Cambodia recover from catastrophic floods in late 2013.

Australian News

Australia: New Levee System for Kerang

Kerang will be better protected from any future floods thanks to a $1.7 million upgrade to the town’s levee system.

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