Global flood news: Flash flooding in Solomon Islands

April 4, 20140 Comments

Flooding in Solomon Islands

International News

Flooding hits Solomon Islands

Flash flooding in Solomon Islands has been caused by heavy rain and overflowing rivers, particularly in the capital Honiara.

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North American News

Flooding could slow search at Washington mudslide site

On Wednesday, recovery teams raced against forecasts of returning showers in their search for victims of a Washington state mudslide, leaving 29 dead and dozens missing.

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South American News

Chile hit by 8.2 magnitude earthquake

As of Wednesday afternoon, official reports said six people died in the earthquake which struck Chile. The quake was expected to unleash a tsunami, which has largely failed to emerge. However flooding has been reported in some cities.

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European News

Minister explains how flood victims can access grants

Thousands of flood victims can now apply for a £5000 government grant to protect their homes from future flooding.

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African News

Mpumalanga flood damage assessed at over R500-million

Damage caused by floods in Mpumalanga will cost an estimated R535-million to repair.

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Asian News

Report: Delhi faces high flood risk

Environmentalists have been warning about growing encroachments on the Yamuna floodplains being a recipe for disaster. Now, the latest UN panel report on climate change echoes these fears, putting Delhi among three of world’s mega cities that are at high risk of floods.

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Australian News

New dams considered to protect Ipswich, Brisbane

The State Government will announce by Christmas which of eight prospective dams it could build first to combat flooding in the South East Queensland.

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