Flood risk assessments

Insight to help you make better design, planning and purchase decisions

Understanding flood risk lets you make better decisions on preventing or minimising the damage flooding can cause. Our expertise in this area helps hundreds of clients do that each year, from individual property owners across the UK, to World Bank-sponsored development projects in West Africa.

For planning applications

We provide flood risk assessment reports and advice for planning applications across the UK. These include standard reports as well as flood modelling, sequential testing and exception testing, and strategies to mitigate flood risk, including drainage strategies and designs and flood response plans. Find out more

To gain credits towards environmental accreditations

If you are planning to get your development accredited under the BREEAM accreditation scheme or under Code for Sustainable Homes, we can compile the exact report you need. Find out more

For property buyers, sellers and conveyancers

Our homebuyers reports and due diligence flood risk assessments can help you or your client make an informed decision about purchasing, or be useful in reassuring potential buyers as to the property-specific risks. Find out more

To support insurance decisions

Our flood models and flood risk assessment reports are generated using our own validated data and proprietary flood modelling software. A number of leading insurance companies rely on it to inform their underwriting decisions. We can undertake site-specific flood risk assessments for insurance purposes to meet a range of specifications and needs. Find out more

For business continuity planning and due diligence

We provide consultancy and flood risk assessments for businesses of all sizes to assist them in making decisions related to protecting their interests from the potential damage floods could cause. Find out more

FRA Guidance and FAQs

Please visit our FRA guidance page for further information and useful links regarding government policy. Please also visit our FAQs page to view frequently asked questions about the FRA process.

You can also speak to one of our flood risk consultants about your requirements. Call us now on +44 (0)1273 704464

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