Flood risk assessments for business continuity plans

Protect your people and your property against flooding

Hundreds of thousands of businesses are at risk of flooding in the UK. Understanding that risk and taking measures to mitigate it helps businesses:

  • reduce insurance premiums
  • protect stock, property and other assets
  • comply fully with health and safety regulations.

We can help you assess your existing premises or identify potential risk on new sites if you are looking to expand or relocate.

What is the flood risk assessment process?

A comprehensive flood risk assessment for business continuity planning or due diligence typically involves:

  • gathering and analysing all the available information concerning flood risk for the site
  • collating flood data from the Environment Agency (if required) and from our own in-house 2D flood modelling using our proprietary flood modelling software
  • evaluating the likelihood, depth and extent of flood waters for a variety of return periods in the vicinity of the site
  • a detailed assessment of flood risk to the site and within the surrounding area in relation to fluvial, tidal, groundwater and sewer flooding sources
  • conducting a site survey to gain a thorough understanding of the area and any measures that are currently in place to reduce flood risk
  • evaluating the likely impact of a flood event.

What will the report include?

The final flood risk assessment will contain:

  • a detailed evaluation of the likelihood, extent and impacts of flooding to the site and the surrounding area from river, tidal, groundwater and surface water
  • a clear assessment of the likelihood and extent of potential flooding on site and within the surrounding area
  • a summary of the information compiled from the site survey
  • a summary of any existing information and history of flooding on the site
  • photographic information from the site visit carried out by our consultants
  • details of any existing flood alleviation measures which may act to protect the site
  • recommendations for flood resilience and mitigation measures.

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