Flood risk assessments for environmental accreditations

Get credits for your sustainable approach to managing flood risk

Getting your development accredited as being sustainable and environmentally conscious can have a number of benefits. We can help you gain the credits you need that relate to flood risk. The two accreditation codes we currently deal with regularly are the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) and BREEAM.

For both CSH and BREEAM, the flood risk assessment (FRA) that is submitted with the planning application must satisfy the local planning authority and statutory body that the development:

  • is designed to deal efficiently with surface water run-off to reduce the risk of localised flooding.

And, if it’s not in a low flood risk area, that it:

  • allows for safe access and escape routes if it floods, and has used construction methods that will be resilient to the flooding.

We can assess the risk to your site, advise you on any potential design issues and compile a tailored risk assessment report. This can include reports and calculations for both the Flood Risk Assessment (SUR2) and the Surface Runoff Assessment (SUR1) components of the CSH, and the equivalent components of BREEAM and Ecohomes.

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How long will it take?

FRAs for planning often rely on data supplied by the Environment Agency. Over the years we have developed a good working relationship with the agency. This means we can deliver Flood Risk Assessments both quickly and efficiently.

If you are short on time we can write a letter to the local planning authority telling them that we have been commissioned and have requested the necessary data. The local planning authority will sometimes put the application on hold then until they receive the FRA though.

A fast-track report

If your timescales are very tight we can help. We can complete a fast-track FRA to help get your planning application validated, and then complete the full FRA when we have all the data from the EA. This helps avoid any delays in the planning application process.

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