Global Flood News: Deadly floods hit India and Pakistan

September 5, 20140 Comments

Floods in India, September 2014

International News

Dozens of people killed following floods in India and Pakistan

At least 40 people were killed in Pakistan as torrential rain wreaked havoc in Pakistani-administered Kashmir and Punjab.

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North American News

Hard lessons about flood insurance policies

The USA today reports on the experiences of residents affected by flooding.

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South American News

Risks remain following Paraguay floods

More than 200,000 people were evacuated after torrential rain caused major floods in June, destroying properties and crops.

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European News

MPs call for £1bn to bolster Humber flood defences

East Yorkshire MPs have elevated their campaign to secure the Humber’s flood defences by meeting with the Prime Minister’s Floods Envoy.

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African News

Flooding in Niger kills 28 people

Twenty-eight people have been killed and more than 51000 affected by flooding in Niger following heavy rain.

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Asian News

Death toll mounts following floods in India

At least 109 people are known to have died following floods in India and Nepal.

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Australian News

Australia Provides $2m for Floods Recovery

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Brett Mason has announced that Australia will provide an additional $2 million to assist ongoing recovery efforts following April’s devastating floods in Solomon Islands.

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