Global Flood News: Spring floods in Maine, USA

April 22, 20140 Comments

Floods in Maine USA, April 2014

International News

Flooding claims one victim in northern Maine, USA

A 74-year old Caswell man was swept downstream and drowned last Tuesday night, after floods in Maine.

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North American News

New Brunswick and Quebec struck by spring flooding

Hundreds evacuated in Sherbrooke, Que. as rivers swell.

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South American News

Deforestation in the Andes Triggers Amazon “Tsunami”

Deforestation, especially in the Andean highlands of Bolivia and Peru, was the main driver of this year’s disastrous flooding in the Madeira river watershed in Bolivia’s Amazon rainforest and the drainage basin across the border, in Brazil.

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European News

Substations serving millions at risk of flooding

Britain’s power supply faces a significant threat from flooding because substations serving millions are not adequately protected.

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African News

14 killed and thousands displaced in Tanzania floods

14 killed and thousands displaces as heavy floods ravaged Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s commercial capital.

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Asian News

5 dead, 17 trapped in flooded coal mine in southwest China’s Yunnan province

Investigators believe the flooding was caused by an explosion and left 26 miners trapped on April 7th. Four were rescued.

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Australian News

Flooding hits N Qld towns as Cyclone Ita fades

Strong winds are expected to lash central Queensland as Cyclone Ita loses strength and moves out to sea.

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