Global flood news: Floods in Philippines displace 260,000

January 28, 20140 Comments

Floods in Philippines January 2014

International News

Nearly 900,000 people affected by Tropical depression bringing chaos to Phillippines

45 people are dead and more the 260,000 displaced following a tropical depression which led to flash flooding and landslides in the Philippines.

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North American News

Canada’s property and casualty insurers paid out a record amount in 2013

Claims reached $3.2 billion last year after catastrophic weather including floods, hail and ice storm caused devastating damage across the country.

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South American News

Torrential rainfall has caused severe flooding in and around the Sao Paulo region of southeastern Brazil

At least 14 people are known to have died, following torrential rain which caused severe flooding in south eastern Brazil.

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European News

Two people have been killed and more than 150 airlifted to safety as heavy rains cause flooding in the French Riviera.

More than 4,000 homes have been left without electricity or access to roads in south east France. Some residents were evacuated and others have been urged to stay inside their homes until the waters recede.

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African News

Disasters ‘set to rise in Southern Africa’

Southern Africa is exposed to a range of environmental and social pressures within five broad areas of concern. The 33 researchers define these as environmental threats not limited to natural phenomena — meaning events such as large informal settlement fires are included.

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Asian News

Flooding hits Indonesia’s capital city once again

Over 30,000 people have been evacuated from Jakarta after monsoon rains wreaked havoc. Rachel Banning-Lover reports on this story for The Telegraph.

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Australian News

Five children saved after four days stranded on flooded road

A dramatic helicopter rescue saved a father and his five children who had been bogged on a remote flooded Western Australian road for nearly four days.

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