A precision tool for flood risk management

As the most complete and up-to-date flood data set for the United Kingdom, UKFloodMap4™ helps insurance underwriters, planners and emergency response teams make better decisions around flood risk.

It provides accurate and easy-to-understand flood risk information for the entire country, letting you view flood depth and velocity information for individual buildings.

Drawing together the best available data

UKFloodMap4™ uses the highest resolution topographic information. Wherever possible, it uses LiDAR data, which is vertically accurate to ±15cm. It also incorporates the most up-to-date river flow and rainfall data available (CEH March 2014), has a range of return periods, and covers all the main sources of flooding, including rivers, tidal and surface water.

We also invested around five person-years into detailed manual GIS processing to enhance the precision of UKFloodMap4™.

UKFloodMap4™ is regularly validated and calibrated using actual flood events in the UK.



Delivered as flood maps or flood risk data sets

With UKFloodMap4™ you can quickly present flood risk scenarios to customers, brokers or underwriting teams visually. The flood maps can be supplied as pdfs, or delivered as GIS layers or flat files that can be integrated into your GIS-compatible system.

To make it even easier to use, individual buildings or locations can be automatically classified as high, medium or low risk according to your individual risk/exposure requirements.

Our team will advise you on how you can get the most from the data, and can support you with the integration.

Augments your existing flood risk data

Even if you are already using some form of flood data, our specialist flood mapping databases can support your flood risk strategy by giving you a more accurate and complete view of flood perils, right down to individual building level. It is also used to assist in compliance and meeting best practice guidelines, for example compliance with Solvency II in the insurance industry.

Flexible Licensing

UKFloodMap4™ is available with highly flexible licensing options. You can choose to have only a single flood source (e.g. surface water/flash flooding) or limit your set to a single city, county or region.

Test UKFloodMap4™ data for yourself

We can provide you with free sample flood maps or data to test against your existing data sources.

Contact us to discuss what you need.

UKFloodMap™ Technical Details

Flood sources


  • Fluvial (river)
  • Tidal (sea/estuary/coastal)
  • Pluvial (flash/surface water)


  • Flood defence breaches
  • Dam breaches
  • Groundwater

Layers available

  • Depths: maximum depth experienced during flood, in metres
  • Velocities: maximum velocity experienced during flood, in metres per second

Horizontal grid resolution

2014 EA LiDAR (nominal vertical accuracy ±0.15m) augmented by NEXTMap®

National best practice

Modelled return periods
30 to 1,000 years


  • Full shallow water wave 2-D modelling using Flowroute-i™ which allows for complex floodplain dynamics
  • Spatially variable land use (e.g. roughness/infiltration)
  • Building-level precision

Delivery formats

  • PDF maps
  • GIS layers i.e. shapefiles or raster (floating-point/classified). The data can be integrated with most GIS compatible systems and third-party underwriting platforms, including LexisNexis, Touchstone, SpatialKey, and ESRI.
  • Flat files to integrate with customers systems or online risk checking services
  • Also supplied appended to OS AddressBase products.

Update frequency


  • Flexible Licensing depending on requirements
  • Transactional (i.e. ‘per hit’) and territorial pricing (e.g. South of England only) options also available

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