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Flood Analysis: Stoke Canon, Devon

Written by James on September 25, 2012. Posted in Flood Reports. No Comments.

Severe weather has brought major disruption and floods to many parts of the UK in the last few days. The Daily Mail has published some striking pictures of the damage caused by flood events in the last 48 hours or so; with one particularly severe view of Stoke Canon in Devon below:

Devon Floods, Stoke Canon, September 2012
Image 1: Aerial view of Stoke Canon showing recent flooding.

The severity of the floods in Stoke Canon this week are unfortunate, as the BBC had reported just 4 months ago that the Environment Agency was due to complete flood defence work for this area in November of this year.

Flood Analysis

Devon Floods: Flowroute analysis
Image 2: Ambiental modelled fluvial (river) flood map for 1 in 100 year (1%) flood event.

Flooding in Exeter, Devon
Image 3: Environment Agency flood map. Dark blue shaded areas correspond to 1 in 100 year (1%) modelled flood event.

We compared the aerial photography in image 1 above to our own flood map of the area created using our Flowroute™ flood modelling technology (image 2). Initial analysis would suggest this was a primarily fluvial (river) flood event, as Stoke Canon lies just upstream of the confluence between the Rivers Culm and Exe. However the extreme rainfall is also likely to have contributed by way of pluvial (surface water) flooding.

The Environment Agency online flood map shows extensive flooding for the 1 in 100 year (1% annual probability) event (image 3), and while it is likely that the aerial photography of the flooding was taken some time after the peak of the event, the flood event is likely to be less extreme (i.e. >1% annual probability of flooding).

Ambiental’s UKFloodMap™ corresponds well with the Environment Agency’s flood mapping. A comparison with the aerial photography of the flood event shows good correspondence within the flooded areas.

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