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New study suggests UK not prepared for flooding

Written by James on December 12, 2012. Posted in Flood Reports. 1 Comment.

Homeowners unprepared for flooding

At RiskCentral we are interested in learning about people’s attitudes to flood risk which is why we recently asked independent online research experts, One Poll, to conduct a survey investigating flood awareness among British home owners.

One Poll asked 600 home owners, who are planning to move house in the next 12 months, a variety of questions relating to their knowledge and awareness of flood related issues. The survey produced some interesting results suggesting that UK residents are unprepared for flooding and unsure how to investigate flood risk.

View the Flood Survey

You can view the research conducted by One Poll by clicking on the download icon below:

Flood Risk Survey Download

Key findings

The flood survey highlights the following key findings and statistics:

35% of home owners admit they are not prepared for dealing with a flood

Flood survey screenshot 1

The above screenshot from the survey shows that 24% feel unprepared and 11.2% very unprepared for a flood. A further 35.7% feel ambivalent towards the issue, saying that they are neither prepared or unprepared.

23% of home owners do not have home insurance

Flood survey, screenshot 2

The above screenshot highlights the fact that 23.2% of survey respondents do not have home insurance, with the implication that if their home were to flood they would not be covered for the cost of the damage. A further 12.3% were unsure if their home is insured.

72% of home owners do not seek flood risk information when moving home

Flood survey: screenshot 3

The above screenshot confirms that 72% of home owners do not seek out flood risk information for the area they are moving to. One possible reason for such a high level of unconcern could be the belief that a surveyor’s report would highlight the need to investigate the threat of flooding. This assumption is not always correct as surveyors are not specifically tasked with analysing flood risk.

Over 50% who seek flood risk information, struggle to do so

Flood survey: screenshot 4

Of the 600 respondents to the survey, 168 said that they had sought out flood risk information as part of their moving house plans. 91 people, or over half of those who had sought information, said they found it either difficult or very difficult to do so.


Our flood survey highlights three main issues:

  • There is a lack of preparedness among UK residents to the threat of flooding
  • There is a belief that flooding “won’t happen to me” as indicated by the lack of insurance, lack of preparation or the lack of concern at investigating risk prior to moving
  • There is a perceived lack of information surrounding flood risk issues

Major flood events in the UK recently affected many people unexpectedly. This survey highlights the fact that there is some way to go in terms of preparing British home owners for the possibility of a flood event.

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