Global flood news: Severe flooding continues to affect the UK

January 9, 20140 Comments

Floods in the UK, January 2014

The Christmas and the New Year period in the UK has seen severe storms, flooding and power cuts affect large parts of the country. This week the harsh weather continues as the Met Office continues to warn of heavy rain across parts of Britain. Particularly hard hit is the Thames Valley region of the UK, with severe flooding affecting areas from Reading to Oxford.

International News

Further flooding risk for the UK as heavy rain forecast

The Met Office warns of more heavy rain for the south of England and a high risk of flooding, in a report by the BBC.

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North American News

Boston on flood alert

After 21 inches of snow fell on Boston, the city is now preparing for the threat of flooding, according to

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South American News

Weather wreaking havoc in South America

Tihomir Gligorevic reports on the devastation caused by the recent floods in Brazil.

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European News

Severe flooding brings misery from Reading to Oxford

Residents in the Thames Valley, from Reading to Oxford, have “never known such severe flooding” according to a BBC report.

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African News

Kotoka Airport sees passengers cautiously avoid pools of water.

Travellers who used the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on December 30, 2013 had to cautiously avoid pools of water that had collected at the arrival and departure halls of the country’s only international airport

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Asian News

Indian cyclone dissipates as threat of flooding rises.

Sri Lanka affected with heavy rain and gusty winds after cyclone dissipates, causing threat of life-threatening flooding and mudslides.

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Australian News

Longest heat wave ended by storms.

Southeast Queensland is cleaning up after wild storms brought down power lines and tore off roofs in a dramatic end to one of the state’s longest heat waves.

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