Global flood news: Somerset Levels floods have ‘killed off’ business

January 30, 20140 Comments

Somerset Levels Floods 2014

International News

Somerset Levels flooding: Villagers ‘devastated’ and businesses ‘killed off’

Villages on the Somerset Levels have faced weeks of flooding with no respite from the conditions in sight.

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North American News

Torrential Rain storms have left many roads with water build-up, and localised flooding.

Environment Canada says 36mm of rain fell in a very short time on the Avalon Peninsula.

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South American News

Thunderstorms that hit Buenos Aires, move towards Bolivia

Argentina and Uruguay have experienced a stormy week with damaging winds and torrential downpours.

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European News

ABI says Storms and Flooding insurance claims have reached £426m

Insurance claims following storms and flooding over Christmas and New Year have hit £426m, with more expected, an insurers’ group said.

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African News

Climate change is drowning Senegal

The United Nations’ head of disaster risk warned that flooding caused by climate change had become an emergency in Senegal, with some towns finding themselves underwater for large parts of the year.

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Asian News

Two dead, 27 missing as flood inundates Indonesia boat

Two people dead and 27 missing after a flash flood surged down a mountain and capsized a boat on the coast of a northern Indonesian island.

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Australian News

Flood warning for Australia’s Goldfields region

Lives and homes may be at risk in Western Australia’s Goldfields region where rainfall associated with a deep tropical low is expected to cause flooding.

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