Global flood news: Worst tidal surge for decades hits UK

December 6, 20130 Comments

UK tidal surge December 2013

This week many parts of the east coast of the UK have been affected by tidal flooding in what may be the worst tidal surge for 60 years. In other news, Rio de Janeiro has adopted a new early warning system to help forewarn of severe floods, whilst in New York Pro Republica investigates the failings of federal flood maps after Hurricane Sandy.

International News

UK tidal surge: the worst for decades

Homes were evacuated along the east coast of the UK yesterday following severe flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency. The Guardian reports that the tidal surge may be the worst to affect the UK for 60 years.

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North American News

Federal flood maps left New York unprepared for Sandy

Al Shaw, Theodoric Meyer and Christie Thompson, writing for Pro Republica , investigate the inadequacies of New York’s federal flood maps and the upset caused to residents hit by floods in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many of whom were unaware of any level of risk to their properties.

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South American News

Rio de Janeiro prepares for severe floods using early warning technology

To help avoid further loss of life in Rio as a result of flooding, officials at the State Environmental Institute (INEA) are utilizing a state-of-the-art Early Warning System comprised of real-time weather monitoring and automated alerts from Earth Networks to help them make the most informed and timely decisions for approaching severe weather.

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European News

Learning lessons from past tidal surges in the UK

Following the major tidal surge on the east coast of the UK this week, the BBC’s Mark Kinver looks back at the last surge of this magnitude in 1953.

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African News

Floods hit North Africa

Aljazeera this week reports that heavy rain has flooded the Libyan capital, blocking roads, causing power cuts and damaging several homes.

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Asian News

Thousands evacuated as floods hit Malaysia

More than 5,000 people in various states in Malaysia have been evacuated this week due to rising flood water.

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Australian News

Climate extremes, such as tidal surges, on the rise

Peter Hannam, writing for the Brisbane Times, reports that storm and tidal surges are likely to affect Australia on a more regular basis as a result of climate change.

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