What we do

Reducing the risk and impact of flooding

We give people the insight they need to make better decisions about flooding around the world. By providing expert advice and tools for flood risk assessment and flood risk management, we aim to prevent loss and protect lives, property and assets.

We help our clients by:

  • Assessing the likely location and depth of flooding from rivers, the sea, dam breaks and surface water
  • Assessing the probabilities and potential costs of flooding
  • Providing strategic advice and guidance on reducing flood risk and planning flood response strategies
  • Gathering the highest quality data to generate precise flood maps and flood risk data sets
  • Conducting technical research and feasibility studies around flood risk.

The risk of flooding at a particular location is controlled by a number of factors, including topography, hydrology, soil types, existing flood defences and the type of development in a catchment area.

Understanding the interaction of these factors is complex, and requires engineering and mathematical knowledge, and expertise in geomorphology, climatology and computer programming. We have combined these to develop industry-leading technology that makes it possible for us to predict flood risk with a very high degree of accuracy.

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