Catastrophe modelling

Assessing the probable impact of catastrophic flood events

We develop flood catastrophe (CAT) models that give asset and risk managers precise data about their overall exposure in the event of a catastrophic flood.

The CAT model industry is evolving rapidly, both in terms of technology platforms and models available. At Ambiental, we provide flexibility, transparency, improved choice, and enhanced accuracy, all within a simple licensing framework. We provide hazard and vulnerability modules, as well as event sets, and can help you to integrate these within a variety of industry-standard platforms.

Using the highest quality data for increased precision

Using the best available topographic data, along with precise historic river, rain and tide gauge data, our cat models simulate flooding disasters, predicting hazard and vulnerability down to building level if required.

Supporting deterministic and probabilistic analysis methods

Our models can predict losses using historic events, or via realistic synthetic event sets. To meet the demand for more transparent modelling, the hazard and vulnerability modules are 100% exposed to give you a better understanding of the model results, and crucially, allowing you to customise the model.

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Our Latest Videos

Watch David Martin, Ambiental’s Technical Director launching our new Australia FloodCat™ model for ELEMENTS at AON Benfield’s 2015 Impact Forecasting event in London.

Watch the highlights of AON Benfield’s Impact Forecasting Event in London 2015, featuring the launch of Ambiental’s Australia FloodCat™ model for ELEMENTS.

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