Environmental assessments

We offer a range of environmental surveys and assessments to support planning applications in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Flood risk assessments

Understanding flood risk lets you make better decisions on preventing or minimising the damage flooding can cause.  At Ambiental we generate flood risk assessments (FRA) to meet both basic planning application requirements and to help address complex flood risks for large developments.

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Drainage and SuDS

Increasingly local planning authorities and the national environmental agencies are demanding that developers show how they will manage surface water for their development. The report they require is usually referred to as a surface water drainage strategy or a sustainable urban* drainage systems (SuDS) report. We compile these reports, often in combination with flood risk assessments.

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Ecology surveys

Through our ecology surveys, we identify any ecological constraints to developing a site and help our clients get planning permission.  We have a thorough knowledge of the legislation around nature conservation and development, and good working relationships with the national nature conservation agencies.

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