Flood forecasting and emergency response

Giving teams the time to co-ordinate better responses to flooding

By combining technical expertise in flood modelling with practical knowledge of emergency flood response, we help response teams predict the impact of excessive rainfall in their area and co-ordinate their actions more effectively.

Advising on bespoke flood forecasting systems

We use our significant experience in designing early flood warning systems and flood response plans, to provide support in designing bespoke flood forecasting systems.

We can advise on:

  • Hydrometry – working with rain gauge, river level, river flow, groundwater and automatic climate stations
  • Weather radar – identifying the most appropriate technology for you objectives and integrating radar systems with your flood forecasting
  • Telemetry – designing, implementing and integrating cost-effective systems
  • Flood models – developing 1D, 2D or hybrid models, and model schematisation
  • Software development – model control, real-time data acquisition and cross-system integration
  • Flood incident management and response – training operators and response officers and developing multi-disciplinary flood response plans.

Designing flexible early flood warning systems

Our customised early flood warning systems combine historic data with live data from weather radar, satellites and gauges to predict flash flooding in a local area. It models the flow of surface water across a wide area in real time to predict the impact it will have, and warn you about potential flooding.

Find out more about our early flood warning systems

Planning the response to flood incidents

We can give you full support in planning, training and simulating flood incidents and are experienced in planning co-ordinated responses across multi-disciplinary teams.

Contact us to discuss your project with one of our flood forecasting consultants.

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