Flood risk consultancy

Insight to help you manage and reduce the impact of flooding

Our team of consultants can advise you on the flood risk to existing sites or proposed developments anywhere in the world.

Assessing flood risk on projects of any size

Whether changing land use, understanding the risk to existing or proposed national infrastructure, or planning a new building development, we can help you to minimise potential damage caused by flooding. Besides modelling flood risk and recommending measures to reduce risk, we also advise on flood response tactics, and conduct cost-benefit analyses and probability event trees for you to assess your options.

A responsive team of technical experts

Our team includes experts in the fields of flood modelling, insurance, rainfall simulation, climate change, geomorphology, computer programming, civil engineering, geographical information systems (GIS) and applied mathematics.

As a highly specialised team we are able to help with both rapid assessments and in-depth research that supports decision-making around flood risk. This helps our clients to be far more agile and responsive in reacting effectively to reduce risk and the cost of flood damage.

Robust, flexible flood modelling software

We model flood scenarios using our own flood modelling software (Flowroute-i™) that we continually improve and validate against real flood events around the world. Our modelling is based on well-established hydrological and hydraulic principles.

Besides simulating flood waters in complex urban, coastal or mountainous areas, our modelling can adapt to incorporate future climate change scenarios, such as increasing sea levels or more intense storms.

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Case studies

Urgent strategic flood risk assessment

Flood risk consultancy case study

The World Bank tasked us with identifying short, medium and long-term measures to urgently help reduce flood risk in Ibadan, Nigeria and reduce the cost of flood damage.

Find out what we recommended

Planning permission in a high-risk zone

EA case study

Gaining planning approval in a high-risk flood zone can be a challenge. We helped developers overcome objections from the Environment Agency through recommending suitable flood defences and risk management strategies.

How we helped gain planning permission

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