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Flood Risk Assessment and Surface Water Drainage

Ambiental Environmental Assessment is a specialist in flood risk assessment, environmental reports & civil engineering. Our reports & services enable our clients to make better decisions & aid development.

To learn how we can help insurers, reinsurers, governments, utilities & risk managers internationally, see our Ambiental Risk Analytics website.


We use our own state-of-the-art software and decades of expertise to measure your exposure to flood risk.

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We can apply our expertise to flood-related challenges in various business and government sectors.

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Our blogs cover the latest developments in flood risk assessment, with insight and foresight from experts.

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Why Ambiental?

As a highly specialised team we’re able to help with both rapid assessments and in-depth research that supports decision-making around flood risk and other environmental planning disciplines.

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Looking for a flood risk assessment, environmental report or a civil engineer? Supporting property developers, planners and homeowners.

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Looking for flood risk modelling and analytics solutions?

Supporting (re)insurers, utilities, governments and NGOs.

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