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Ambiental CEO Justin Butler explains our technical solutions

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Ambiental CEO Justin Butler explains our technical solutions

Ambiental CEO Dr Justin Butler explains the use of flood maps, flood data sets, flood catastrophe models, and environmental reports to conduct both rapid assessments and in-depth research that support better decision-making around flood risk management.


Dr Justin Butler: Ambiental is an international environmental risk mapping and modelling company. We specialise in the area of Flood Risk Assessment. We’ve been in operation since 2002 and have our headquarters in Brighton in the UK. We also have offices in Singapore and Australia.

The types of companies that we normally work with are insurance companies, re-insurance companies, property developers, architects, governments, world companies, and more recently as well we’ve been supplying direct to consumers and home buyers. Anywhere where there is people and property at risk of flooding is a prime target for our software and tools.

For insurers and reinsurers, we can supply data in the form of very high resolution flood maps and models for river, tidal, and pluvial flood risk almost anywhere in the world.

We can help governments to better understand risk to property and to live from environmental risks such as flooding, slope instability, and other natural hazards.

For planning and property professionals, Ambiental provides a flood risk assessment consulting service and provides reports to help our clients secure planning permission more quickly and cost-effectively than anywhere else.

We have developed a new flood screening report which enables consumers to visit our website, enter their address details, click on a map, and obtain a free flood score for anywhere in the country. And that can be very useful when it comes to buying a new home or even re-mortgaging.

Key selling points of our products and services are that the precision and accuracy or our data. So, that helps our clients to be more precise in terms of targeting individual locations to better understand what the flood risk is. As well as the turn around time we have in delivering reports and flood data as well as consulting services to our end clients.

If you’re interested in Ambiental and want to find out more about our flood risk products and services, please visit our website or send an email and one of the Ambiental team will contact you very shortly.


Steven Brown Ambiental Associate

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