Analysis of October Floods in Fife, Scotland

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Analysis of October 2012 Floods in Fife, Scotland

Heavy rainfall triggered severe flash floods across Tayside and Fife on Friday the 12th October 2012. One property situated in Dura Den, pictured below, had an entire wall washed away by the force of the flood.

Fife Flooding of Dura Den Home

Fife experienced more than half its average monthly rainfall in the space of just 12 hours, with about 30 homes affected by flooding.

Flood risk analysis

We carried out a flood risk analysis of the above property, which is located between Cupar and St. Andrews.

An initial screening using our flood checker indicated that this property has a medium risk of flooding from surface water (pluvial) sources. The flood map, modelled using our Flowroute™ technology, shows the areas surrounding the property where heavy rainfall would be expected to result in floods. The property sits very close to surface water accumulation areas.

Fife Dura Den Flood Risk Map

Further analysis of our report on the property highlights an interesting fact: the Environment Agency does not identify this property as one at risk of flooding. Their data does not account for pluvial sources. Our own data shows that this property sits within 250m of the source with a 1 in 75 yr flood risk.


This case is a reminder of the fact that homeowners need to be vigilant when considering the risk of flooding to their property. The Environment Agency admits that their flood data and flood maps only give a generalized picture of risk, hence the need on the part of the owner to investigate and protect their property.


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