Birmingham dam breach flood modelling – BBC News at 10

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Birmingham dam breach flood modelling – BBC News at 10

Ambiental modelled the devastating impact a dam breach would have in an urban area. The results are featured on BBC News at 10, following the Pitt Review's recommendations for the safety of dams and reservoirs.


One year after the floods of last summer there are new warnings about the need to protect dams breaking. This program has learnt that a government review to be published tomorrow calls for the public to be given more information of the dangers of severe flooding if dams are breached.

Our environment correspondent David Shukman has the story.

David Shuckman: I’ve learnt that the official study into last summer’s floods raises serious questions about dams right across the country. I understand the review is highly critical of the fact that with so many dams, people living downstream simply aren’t made aware of the dangers, either because the owners haven’t done a detailed study of the implications of the dam breaking, or because of the security service MI5 won’t allow the release of that information in case terrorists get hold of it. Either way, the review concludes too many people are left at risk.

This is the kind of detailed map that will be drawn up. It shows exactly where the waters would spread and how fast. The government review wants the flood map of every dam to be made public, like in France or America, and experts agree.

Dr Justin Butler: It’s very important to get this information out because that would mean that people can take better decisions and take steps to prepare themselves.

David Shuckman: One year on Ulley looks serene. Sailing resumes tomorrow, but the emergency pumps are still ready. Last summer revealed risks to anyone in the shadow of a dam but even now, they might not know it. David Shuckman, BBC News, Ulley in Yorkshire.


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