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Changes to the Kensington and Chelsea Consolidated Local Plan affect the requirements for FRAs and Drainage Calculations

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Changes to the Kensington and Chelsea Consolidated Local Plan affect the requirements for FRAs and Drainage Calculations


A reviewed ‘consolidated local plan’ in the Kensington and Chelsea area is set to affect developers across the borough. The new plan replaces previous legislation that has been in place since March 2010, and contains key policy updates (Policy CL7 & and CE2). The changes, which were put into action in July 2015, have been made effective immediately, and in some cases have been applied retrospectively to applications made after this date.

The flood risk policy changes, highlighted in points b., d. and e. of the new CE2 policy, mean that developments which would have been previously exempt from complying with the policy, must now adhere to it.

Any new developments planned within EA flood zones 2 and 3 in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, as well as any that fall within a ‘Critical Drainage Area’, will be affected, and are now required to produce a site-specific flood risk assessment. In addition to providing run-off calculations to prove that the proposed development will not impact surface water run-off, the report must also incorporate appropriate flood alleviation and mitigation measures for the site.

Under the reviewed policy, all plans must now also review the potential use of SuDS(sustainable urban drainage systems), to address surface water management as part of the development. Instead of directing all surface water that falls on site into the sewer system, a surface water drainage strategy will offer a sustainable, alternative solution, such as diverting surface water to soak-aways or ponds. This will result in reducing both the volume and speed of water run-off into the drainage systems, and ensure run-off is managed as close to its source as possible.

It is important to note that with the growing level of subterranean development in the Kensington and Chelsea area, developments of any size, from garden sheds to extensions, and including any basement work, are now required to comply with the new surface water policy. Please be aware that failure to do so may result in rejection of applications going forwards.

To find out if your proposed development lies within one of the critical drainage areas in the borough, and will therefore be affected by the changes to the policy, you can search by street name here or view by area at the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea website.

For more information on getting the most from your flood risk assessment and updates on sustainable drainage systems, please visit our News Page.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss this new policy and how it may affect your developments please don’t hesitate to contact us or email us at [email protected].

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