Dead Sea, Israel

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Dead Sea, Israel

Groundbreaking Quantitative Risk Assessment

Groundbreaking Quantitative Risk Assessment

Quantitative Risk Assessment project in the Dead Sea, Israel.

The Problem

The Dead Seas water level in Pan Number 5 is increasing by 20cm per year, posing a variety of risks to prime tourist sites on the western shoreline of the pan. The government of Israel selected Ambiental to help identify and reduce risks to the hotels and other major infrastructure on the western shoreline.

The Solution

Building on Ambiental’s considerable hydrological and flood modelling experience we have undertaken a detailed and ongoing study of the precise water dynamics and risks within the area. Once identified, each risk is assessed in detail, ranked using a multidimensional scoring system which takes into account a multi-tude of local cost / benefit factors.

Techniques employed include risk probability and consequence assessments for all infrastructure elements. Recommendations are then developed to help address and quantifiably reduce the risks. These recommendations include both initial actions as well as ongoing management and supervision guidelines.

The Outcome

Through both adoption of recommendations as well a much more detailed understanding of the water dynamics our clients have obtained the permits they require to allow the annual raising of the Pan water level without creating unacceptable risks.

Ambiental recommendations include both short-term, cost-effective risk reduction measures as well as long-term solutions which help support the ongoing success and development of the local tourist industry and the local community which supports it.

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