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Flood modelling article in GIS Professional magazine

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Flood modelling article in
GIS Professional magazine

Following our flood modelling presentation at Geo Business 2015 Ambiental was approached by GIS Professional to write a full feature article. This article has now been published in the August edition of the magazine.

Our feature explores the history of flooding in Great Britain and explains how it is possible to predict where and when flooding might occur. This is achieved through the use of spatial data to produce flood models which simulate how floods develop. Ambiental employs this approach to generate flood hazard maps and flood risk databases which are used by the insurance industry and other sectors whenever an understanding of potential exposure to flood is required in order to reduce financial losses, protect lives and preserve vulnerable infrastructure.

This article draws upon Ambiental’s expertise in flood risk consultancy and the analysis work is underpinned by the predictive precision made possible through our industry leading UKFloodMap™ and UK FloodScore™ products. The feature provides a good introduction to the field of flood modelling and discusses the spatial datasets and GIS processes used in the production of flood models.

Our feature was written by Paul Drury, GIS and Data Manager at Ambiental. Within the article Paul states that “flooding is a complex phenomenon and Great Britain has particularly high exposure to flood risk as compared to many other countries. Research suggests that flood risk will continue to increase presenting many challenges to government, business and the population at large. Flood modelling can help to predict, prevent and protect against the risk of flooding by using spatial analysis to identify locations at risk”.

To view the article in full you can link to the August edition of GIS Professional here (pages 14-17):


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