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Floods in Hull.

Among the very worst to be hit by the summer 2007 floods was the East Yorkshire city of Hull. 17,000 properties were affected in what became the worst flood disaster in the UK since 1947. Certain parts of Hull were worst hit than others. The Guardian created an interactive map in 2007 identifying Kingswood, Bransholme, Hedon and Burstwick as the worst hit areas. So, how do these areas fare now in terms of their risk of flooding? We used our Flowroute-i™ technology to investigate.

Kingswood, Hull

After running a search for Kesteven Way, Kingswood we focused in and selected Kesteven Nursing Home as the property to a run a risk check on. The initial report highlighted this address as one at “high risk” of flooding. Fluvial and Tidal flood maps from our reports (see below) show that almost all of Kesteven Way falls under a 1 in 100 year flood zone for both river and coastal flooding.

Bransholme, Hull

Next up, we investigated the Bransholme area of Hull – which lies south east of Kingswood. Running a search for Wawne Road, Bransholme; we focused in on the Wawne Ferry pub. Again, an initial screening report identified this location as “high risk”. A closer look at our Fluvial and Tidal flood maps for the area show that Wawne Road sits close to areas at high risk of river and coastal flooding, with nearby areas also posing a risk of surface water floods.

Hedon, Hull

Also very badly affected in 2007 was the village of Hedon, just outside Hull. Again, we took a look using our Flowroute-i technology – focusing in on New Road. The maps from our reports show a resolutely blanket “high risk” of fluvial (river) and tidal flooding across the area.

Burstwick, Hull

Finally we took a look at Burstwick (pictured at the top of this post), just beyond Hedon. Whilst our intial screening report showed a “high risk” status for Main Street in Burstwick, maps from our reports show that different stretches of the road are at a higher risk than others. The map below shows that properties located to the north of Main Street, past Ellifoot Lane are a particular risk.

For individuals, businesses and home owners concerned about potential future floods in Hull – you can speak to a member of our flood risk assessment team by calling +44 (0)1273 704464.

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