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International News

Deadly storms affect New South Wales, Australia

Recovery efforts are currently being extended in New South Wales, following deadly storms this week which have cut off more than 2,000 people in the region.

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North American News

Houston flooded following heavy rain

Poor drainage has been blamed for the recent floods in Houston, Texas. Up to 5 inches of rain fell on the city causing people to flee the streets.

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South American News

Sao Paulo in Brazil hit with further flooding

Sao Paulo has been affected by numerous floods this year and has recently been hit again following torrential rain. According to EuroNews, “whole districts have been turned into rivers”.

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European News

Flood damages in Europe set to increase by 200%

Without efforts to reduce emissions, extreme river floods now occurring every 100 years will become twice as likely in the next three decades, say scientists.

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African News

Controlling river flooding on the Shabelle River in Somalia

Civil engineering student, Abdirashid M. Dahir, discusses the options for flood mitigation.

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Australian News

Huge clean-up effort under way for victims of NSW floods

Daisy Dumas, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald, describes the experiences of flood victims in New South Wales and the efforts to start the clean up operation.

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