Global Flood News: 300,000 stranded by Kashmir monsoon floods

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Global Flood News: 300,000 stranded by Kashmir monsoon floods


International News

Relief efforts fail to reach 300,000 in Kashmir

Authorities in Pakistan and India are struggling to cope with raging monsoon floods which have killed more than 460 people, displaced nearly a million people, and still threaten many more. 300,000 are stranded in Kashmir.

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North American News

Storms threaten Southwest of USA

Torrential rain from remnants of a Pacific Ocean hurricane brought deadly flooding to parts of Southern California, Arizona and Nevada on Monday. Further forecast storms have threatened to derail the clean-up operation in many states.

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South American News

New project helps communities in South America prepare for floods

“Contrary to popular belief, floods and droughts are foreseeable phenomena that governments and communities can prepare for,” says Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, an IDB hydrologist and water resource engineer.

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European News

Flash floods in France sweep cars away

A dramatic video, published by The Telegraph, shows cars being swept away in flash floods in southern France on Monday.

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African News

Bayelsa to develop flood master plan

Bayelsa State Government has announced the development of a new flood master plan as part of measures to safeguard the environment and prevent the recurrence of the 2012 flood disaster.

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Asian News

Kashmir floods hampered emergency services

State leader cites lack of communication lines and submerging of infrastructure as reasons why government couldn’t respond, following Kashmir monsoon floods.

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Australian News

Australia assisting in Nepal following deadly floods

ADRA Australia has set-up two temporary health camps in Western Nepal.

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