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Budget 2014: £340m pledged for plugging potholes and flood defences

The chancellor has pledged £340m towards flood defences in the UK, including repairing and rebuilding UK infrastructure ravaged by the winter floods and storms.

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North American News

RBC survey: Canadians aware of flood risks but not protecting themselves

An RBC survey says Canadians may be fully aware of the risk of flooding caused by extreme weather, but are not worried enough to protect themselves or homes.

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South American News

Brazil says floods driving thousands from homes

More than a month of flooding in northern Brazil has swollen rivers and driven thousands of people from their homes, authorities said on Wednesday.

European News

Pictures show aftermath of flooding in Somerset

The government’s pledge towards flood defences in the UK may be little consolation to the still-devastated home and business owners in the villages of Moorland and Fordgate.

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African News

Floods force South Africa to close borders.

Three border gates between South Africa and Botswana remain closed due to flooding. They were closed last week after the Limpopo River overflowed.

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Asian News

Flood damage to triple by end of century according to new research

The annual cost of damage caused by flooding in Japan is estimated to triple by the end of this century to ¥680 billion due to global warming, a government research team said Monday.

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Australian News

Insurance companies accused of ‘gouging’ Queenslanders

Businesses in Queensland are reeling from a rise in insurance premiums as a result of extreme weather events.

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