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Following severe floods in Gaza this week, the United Nations has defined the city as a “disaster area”. In other news, further flooding has hit drought-stricken parts of Brazil and Kenya.

International News

More than 5,000 evacuated from floods in Gaza

Yahoo reports on the disaster which has hit Gaza; over 5,000 people have been evacuated due to four days of torrential rain.

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North American News

Calgary’s tourism reborn after floods

Canadian cities lead by Calgary are seeing a quick turnaround after the 2013 June floods, in the spending growth related to overnight visits.

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South American News

Drought-stricken parts of Brazil hit by floods

The town of Lajedinho, a drought-stricken part of Brazil, has been hit particularly badly by floods with over 70 houses being destroyed and 200 people seeking shelter. 120mm of rain fell in just a few hours.

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European News

Flood defences help limit the damage

Flood defences in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands helped to limit the damage caused by the cyclone that hit northern Europe last week.

African News

10 killed by Kenya flooding

At least 10 people were confirmed dead on Sunday after floods swept a car downstream at Isinya, Kajiado county, several kilometres from the capital Nairobi, Kenya.

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Asian News

India gives Nepal Rs 374 million to control floods

India, on Monday, handed over Rs 374.68 million to Nepal to build embankments on three border rivers to control floods affecting both neighbours.

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Australian News

Seqwater prepares for courtroom showdown with 2011 flood victims

Australia’s flood victims of the 2011 southeast Queensland floods will come down to conflicting interpretations of Queensland Flood Inquiry findings.

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