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Vietnam, Sardinia, South Africa and Bolivia are among the varied countries to be hit by major flood events in the last week. In the wake of significant chaos in the Philippines, extreme weather conditions have continued to affect countries across multiple continents. Hardest hit are those affected by the floods in Vietnam; 80,000 people are now thought to be homeless.

International News

80,000 people displaced by floods in Vietnam

Flooding and landslides in central Vietnam have left at least 28 people dead, nine missing and some 80,000 homeless since Friday, according to the BBC.

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North American News

New ACE white paper describes innovations in flood insurance coverage

Residents and business owners in the USA have experienced a similar crisis in flood insurance coverage to people living in the UK. In the UK, the government recently announced the introduction of Flood RE, a framework to ensure that flood insurance remains affordable and available to home owners at high flood risk. No such protection currently exists in the USA, however ACE North American Property & Specialty Lines have announced a new white paper, “Innovations in Flood Insurance Protection,” discussing the introduction of flood reinstatement coverage.

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South American News

Latin America’s oil rush means more climate change and flooding

Last week we reported on the news that international pressure to utilise Ecuador’s oil reserves is likely to bring more climate change, floods and droughts to the region. This week Simeon Tegel, writing for the Tuscon Sentinel, reports how Brazil, Argentina and other countries are seeking to ramp up fossil-fuel production, with the ensuing climate chaos likely to bring more floods and droughts to the continent’s poorest regions.

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European News

Sardinia hit by deadly Cyclone Cleopatra and floods

Many people have been killed by the major floods in Sardinia this week, with Prime Minister Enrico Letta declaring a state of emergency and speaking of a “national tragedy”. Further details are available on the BBC’s website.

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African News

Major flash floods hit South Africa

Emergency services were on high alert last weekend, according to Murray Williams and Wendyl Martin, writing for South Africa’s IOL news. Worst hit by major flood events include Somerset West and Strand in Cape Town.

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Asian News

Typhoon Haiyan death toll rises over 5,000

The BBC reports today the sad news that over 5,000 people have now lost their lives following the Typhoon and floods in the Philippines.

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