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International News

As sea levels rise, over 2200 homes are at risk of flooding

Sea levels along the Lothian coast are set to rise by almost half a metre by 2080, putting more than 2000 homes at risk.

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North American News

Flooding forces 1,200 Kashechewan residents out

An evacuation of the remaining residents in the James Bay community continues as 1,200 people head for higher ground.

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European News

UK’s first automatic flood protection system to be installed

Worksop will be the first place in the UK to have a fully automated flood protection system installed.

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African & Asian News

Facing similar risks, Africa and Asia coordinate research on climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s projections warn that without adaptation measures to safeguard populations from the risks associated with climate change, hundreds of millions of people will be affected by coastal flooding or displaced due to land loss by 2100. The majority of those affected will be from East, Southeast and South Asia.

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