floods-in-chile-march 2015

Global Flood News: Atacama region of Chile hit by floods

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Global Flood News: Atacama region of Chile hit by floods

floods in Chile march 2015

International News

Freak downpour in usually arid territory causes floods in Chile’s Atacama region

At least 7 people have died following freak floods in Chile. Communities in the desert region were struggling on Thursday to cope with a disaster that knocked out power and cut off roadways.

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North American News

The Rise of Extreme Flooding in the USA

Ella Jameson for the Huffington Post looks at the rising risk of flooding to diverse parts of the USA.

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European News

MPs report confirms 1 in 6 homes in the UK at risk of flooding

Some five million properties across the country, or around one in six, are at risk of flooding from coastal, river and surface water, according to a a report by the public accounts committee.

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African News

7 people killed by floods in Tanzania

At least seven people have been confirmed dead and over 5,000 displaced by heavy rains that have pounded Dar es Salaam.

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Asian News

$78 million for flood victims in Malaysia

The government of Malaysia is seeking more aid for victims of last year’s floods.

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Australian News

Queensland to create permanent disaster recovery agency

New body to get $30m annual funding to deal with aftermath of increased number of severe natural disasters caused by climate change.

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