Global Flood News: Clean-up operation begins after floods hit Northern Ireland

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Global Flood News: Clean-up operation begins after floods hit Northern Ireland


International News

Newry worst affected by floods in Northern Ireland

The BBC reports on the clean-up operation that is currently underway in Counties Armagh and Down, with particular emphasis on the hard hit city of Newry.

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North American News

New flood gauges for New York rivers

A $1.5 million project will enable the installation of new flood gauges in areas along the Hudson, Mohawk and Oswego rivers, helping to warn of possible floods.

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South American News

18,000 homeless following floods in Colombia

Flooding and landslides have placed five of Colombia’s 32 states on red alert. The scale of the events have left at least 38 people dead and 18,000 homeless, according to the National Disaster Risk Management Unit.

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European News

Roads impassable in Northern Ireland

The floods in Northern Ireland have caused enormous disruption. Roads were impassable, homes have had to be sandbagged, businesses were forced to close and traffic has been gridlocked as up to seven millimetres of rain an hour fell non-stop for four hours.

African News

Flood waters start to recede in Sudan

Flooding has affected large parts of Sudan in recent months, however, as the rainy season comes to an end, people in internally displaced camps in South Sudan’s Unity state are experiencing better living conditions.

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Asian News

Heavy rain causes flash floods in Indonesia

One person is confirmed to have died following heavy rains on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, whilst dozens of homes have also been swamped by the floods and landslides in the region.

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Australian News

Flood insurance has become a divisive issues in Australia

Territory Insurance Organization (TIO) is the last state-owned insurance organization in Australia, and the government has been working to sell off policies that had previously been the organization’s responsibility. Many are concerned that this could have serious implications regarding the cost of flood insurance coverage.

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