Global Flood News: Deadly flash floods hit southern France

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Global Flood News: Deadly flash floods hit southern France


International News

Lives lost after flash floods hit French campsite

Four people have been killed at a campsite in Lamalou-les-Bains, southern France, following torrential rain and flash flooding.

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North American News

Catastrophic flooding expected in the southwest of the USA

“Catastrophic” flooding could swamp portions of the Southwest over the next few days due to heavy rain from the remnants of Hurricane Odile.

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South American News

Intermap’s InsitePro® Software Licensed by Swiss Re in Brazil

A leading provider of location-based flood risk solutions, today announced further details about a previously announced agreement to license the Company’s InsitePro™ software.

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European News

Flooding puts hundreds of homes at risk in northwest Bosnia

Just three months after floods devastated parts of the region and claimed dozens of lives, more heavy rains are now swamping northwestern Bosnia.

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African News

UN predicts flooding and major droughts in South Africa in 2050

South Africa is likely to experience both major droughts and heavy rainfall, causing severe damage to the countries biodiversity, infrastructure and tourist industry.

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Asian News

Chaos in south Asia following monsoon floods

As heavy monsoon rains cause devastation across South Asia, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is bringing vital help – from food and medical care to emergency shelter.

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Australian News

Australia announces aid for Kashmir flood victims

Australia has announced aid money that will be used to distribute food, medicine, toiletries, woolens, blankets, clothes and other non-food items to victims of the monsoon floods in south Asia.

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