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International News

State of emergency declared following floods in Albania

Deforestation and soil erosion has exacerbated flooding in Albania leading to the evacuation of hundreds of families, according to the country’s prime minister.

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North American News

Improving understanding of atmospheric rivers will aid better flood control in California

“Improving our understanding of atmospheric rivers will help us produce better forecasts of where they will hit and when, and how much rain and snow they will deliver,” says Allen White, a NOAA research meteorologist. “Better forecasts will give communities the environmental intelligence needed to respond to droughts and floods.”

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European News

Ambiental is featured in an article on FloodRE

The Post Online has published a report detailing how insurers are preparing for future floods, in an article featuring comments from Ambiental’s managing director Justin Butler. The report is available to download for subscribers.

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African News

Further flooding inundates Malawi

A fresh wave of flooding has hit Malawi, which has still not recovered from an earlier spate of devastating floods.

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Asian News

China donates rice to flood victims in Africa

China has donated 10 tonnes of rice to aid the flood stricken parts of Mozambique.

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Australian News

More bushfires, drought and floods predicted

Projections based on 40 different global climate models indicate more drought, more floods and a longer bushfire season for Australia.

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