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International News

Heavy rain and flash flooding shuts down roads in Sydney

Heavy rain follows the coldest Australia Day for half a century with cars submerged and river banks burst across the city.

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North American News

Huge storm slams US East Coast

A blizzard has dumped nearly two feet of snow on New England, with Eastern Massachusetts and parts of Long Island hardest hit. Heavy winds and coastal flooding has caused Nantucket to plunge into the darkness.

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South American News

Despite recent floods in São Paulo, Brazil is in drought

It’s a really dry January in the South American country, with rainfall is at its lowest level since 1930.

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European News

Belief in climate change has risen in the UK

Public belief in the reality of climate change has risen in Britain, partly because of the 2013 winter floods, according to a report.

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African News

Malawi’s farmers call out for help

Farmers in southern Malawi urgently need seeds and livestock after intense flooding destroyed their fields and homes, washing away animals and crops and threatening local food security.

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Asian News

Japanese technology to boost flood warnings

Asian Water Cycle Initiative will share the rainfall data from countries located in the Indus and Mekong river basins.

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Australian News

Australia destined for more intense flooding

Australia and its region will probably be hit by almost twice as many severe floods this century, similar to those that devastated southeast Queensland four years ago, according to new research.

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