Global Flood News: Flood warnings issued for the UK

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Global Flood News: Flood warnings issued for the UK


International News

Warmer temperatures set to cause floods in the UK

Melting snow and heavy rainfall is expected to cause floods across the UK, with northern regions such as Lancashire and Yorkshire at higher risk. The Environment Agency has issued nine flood alerts and warned motorists and homeowners to be prepared.

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North American News

Atmospheric rivers may be set to hit California

Powerful storms known as atmospheric rivers could end the drought in California. “These atmospheric rivers — their absence or their presence — really determine whether California is in drought or not and whether floods are going to occur,” says F. Martin Ralph, a research meteorologist.

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South American News

15 people dead following floods in Bolivia

At least 15 people have died and about 10,400 families have suffered property damage after heavy rains caused floods in Bolivia.

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African News

Operations continue to aid flood-hit Malawi

Workers in Malawi are using helicopters and boats to help rescue those cut off by deadly floods.

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Australian News

Water floods into Lake Eyre, Australia

Water flowing into South Australia’s usually dry inland sea, Kati-Thanda Lake Eyre, is breathing new life into the harsh outback landscape.

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