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Global Flood News: Flooding budget cuts place UK at risk

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Global Flood News: Flooding budget cuts place UK at risk

Lord Smith

International News

UK at mercy of extreme weather

Flooding budget cuts have placed the UK at the mercy of extreme weather, according to the outgoing Environment Agency chair – Lord Smith. “Any cuts to flood defence spending is of course a false economy because, as we face the increased prospect of flooding happening more frequently in more extreme forms, we need to be protecting not just people’s homes but we need to be protecting our economy” says Smith.

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North American News

$1.1 billion added to Alberta flooding budget but thousands still waiting on claims

With $3 billion spent by the Alberta government on its flood response programme in 2013, and an addition £1.1 billion for 2014, much effort is being made to protect Canadian citizens. However, thousands of people are still waiting for their disaster recovery claim payments a year after devastating floods hit many communities.

South American News

17 hours of torrential rain disrupts fans attending World Cup

Extremely heavy rain in Recife, Brazil, has lead to flooding and disruption for World Cup fans.

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European News

Winter floods will batter UK if flooding budget cuts not reversed

“Ministers must take action now to avoid a repeat of the devastation caused by the winter floods,” said Anne McIntosh, Conservative MP and chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Efra) select committee.

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African News

Reducing climate pollutants will reduce floods and droughts

Experts speaking at the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in Nairobi, Kenya, have stressed urgent action needs to be taken to reduce climate pollutants.

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Asian News

Lives lost in flash floods in Guwahati

The Indian city of Guwahati has been experiencing incessant rainfall, setting off flash floods. Half of the city is understood to be submerged under flood water.

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Australian News

Storm floods Melbourne

Residents of Melbourne, Australia, experienced the rare sight of the Yarra river bursting its city banks on Tuesday after strong winds and rain lashed the Victorian capital.

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