Global Flood News: Floods follow hottest day of the year in UK

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Global Flood News: Floods follow hottest day of the year in UK


International News

Summer floods affect UK following intense storms

Localised flooding expected on Saturday as drainage systems struggle to cope, according to the Environment Agency.

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North American News

USA Today asks if ordinary Americans can risk going without flood insurance

Flood damage isn’t covered under most homeowners’ policies, and some can responsibly do without benefits.

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South American News

Army consigned to help flood victims in Brazil

32,000 people have been rescued by the Brazilian Army in the southern region of the country where floods have wrecked the most havoc.

European News

Only £400k of £10m spent on Somerset Levels flood relief

Only £400,000 of a £10 million pot allocated to help farmers recover from the winter flooding has been spent so far, causing much anger in local communities.

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African News

Nigeria advises residents to leave flood-prone areas

The Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency, NIHSA, has advised residents in flood-prone areas around the country to leave due to impending floods.

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Asian News

Flood peril continues to affect China

Torrential rain and floods that have battered southwestern China since Friday will continue, according to forecasters.

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Australian News

Storm warning for New Zealand

Climate change doesn’t mean a few extra nice days in summer, warns Kiwi co-author of international report.

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