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Severe floods have affected Indonesia, Peru and the UK over the last week, with more flood events forecast for the week ahead.

International News

Floods and landslide kill 13 in Indonesia

Days of torrential rain triggered a landslide and flash floods on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island, killing at least 13 people and sending tens of thousands fleeing for safe ground.

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North American News

Power cuts and flooded roads in Canada

Roads were closed in the New Brunswick area of Canada following a severe storm.

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South American News

Heavy rain in Peru causes at least nine deaths.

Hundreds of people have now been affected by heavy rain in the interior of the country leading to at least nine deaths.

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European News

More flooding misery to come as forecasters predict heavy rain this week.

Britain’s flooding nightmare continues this week. Many regions have suffered on and off from flooding since before Christmas with rivers at dangerous levels and land saturated with flood water.

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African News

South African towns on high alert for flooding

Laingsburg, between Cape Town and Johannesburg has recently been on high alert for flooding due to heavy rain.

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Asian News

Philippines hit with floods and landslides. The government says 22 people have been killed and nearly 200,000 evacuated

Many victims of the flood had not managed to rebuild since a deadly typhoon in 2012 and were staying in temporary shelters, when they were hit by fresh flooding.

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Australian News

Flood takes its toll on Great Barrier Reef.

In 2011 freshwater from the major floods that year killed large areas of coral. Capricorn Enterprise chief executive Mary Carroll says ‘tourists need to be educated on why the reef doesn’t look like its typical colourful self after natural disasters.’

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