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Heavy rain in Johannesburg and the Gauteng province causes major flooding

At least five people have been rescued in South Africa following river flooding in the Gauteng province of the country. The wet weather, which caused flooding in parts of Johannesburg, was caused by a tropical low weather system.

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North American News

Four hikers saved from floods following California storm

Four hikers have been rescued after becoming trapped by rising flood waters in Malibu Creek State Park.

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South American News

Weeks of torrential rains have caused vast areas of Bolivia and Brazil to flood

Weeks of torrential rain have caused widespread flooding in low-lying areas of Bolivia. More than 60 people have lost their lives and around 60,000 have been made homeless.

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European News

UK floods cost small firms £830m

Federation of Small Businesses says average cost to each business in flood-hit areas was £1,531.

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African News

Gauteng on high flood alert

Residents in the Gauteng province of South Africa are being urged to take care when crossing flood-prone areas, after floods in Johannesburg earlier this week led to rescue operations.

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Asian News

Marshall Islands says climate change behind floods

Officials in the Marshall Islands blamed climate change Wednesday for severe flooding in the Pacific nation’s capital Majuro which has left 1,000 people homeless

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Australasian News

Christchurch, New Zealand hit by 1 in 100 year event

More than 100 properties have been flooded in Christchurch New Zealand, mainly in the worst-hit suburbs of Mairehau, St Albans and Richmond.

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