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International News

Cities from Washington to Miami expected to see three fold increase in flooding

Environmental researchers have published a report suggesting that US east coast cities face routine tidal flooding as a result of climate change.

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North American News

Floods will be part of everyday life on the east coast in 15 years

New Republic have published a chart showing expected tidal flooding changes in the US east coast through to 2045.

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South American News

SELA present risk reduction guide to disaster situations

The Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA) have announced the presentation of a guide for governments, related to risk reduction in disaster situations including major floods.

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European News

Floods sweep through Genoa in Italy

At least one person died when flood waters swept through the northwestern Italian city of Genoa overnight, smashing shop windows, washing away cars and leaving many streets knee deep in muddy water.

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African News

Heavy floods in the Magwi region of Sudan

Torrential rain in Magwi county has led to heavy flooding and loss of lives in south Sudan.

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Asian News

Sabah region of Malaysia hit by floods again

Rescuers have been busy responding to distress calls as an overnight storm brought back floods to low-lying areas in Sabah.

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Australian News

Vanuatu floods displace hundreds

The Vanuatu islands to the north east of Australia have been hit by floods which have displaced 200 people.

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