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Grim news for insurers as the cost of the winter floods in the UK hits £800m

The insurance bill for the winter floods and storms across Britain has hit £800 million and will continue to grow, with 1,500 households still exiled from their homes.

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North American News

Flooded roads have been reported in Calgary as the big melt hits

Warm weather on Sunday in southern Alberta finally melted heaps of snow, creating a wet mess on Calgary roads.

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South American News

Brazil power firms ordered to redo dam impact in flood areas

A court has ordered the operators of two new hydroelectric dams in western Brazil to redo their environmental impact studies on the suspicion they have caused extensive flooding in the area.

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European News

£36m cost of flooding to Hampshire’s roads

After the wettest winter on record, repairing Hampshire’s flood-damaged roads could cost up to £36 million.

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African News

Vaal River could break its banks

As Gauteng deals with its wettest March in 14 years, the Water Affairs Department says a severe flood warning remains in place in parts of the country.

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Asian News

Japan grants Tunisia 335 million euros in low-interest loans

One loan will finance construction of electrical power plant in Rades, while second will be for project to prevent flooding by Tunisia’s biggest river.

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Australian News

Queensland takes advice on natural disasters from America

The Queensland Premier said Queensland will gain “new insights” to reduce the future impacts of flooding, cyclones, tropical storms, fire and drought to communities.

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