Global Flood News: Heavy storm floods Athens

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Global Flood News: Heavy storm floods Athens


International News

Flood in Athens caused by remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo

Dozens of homes have been flooded and cars swept away following a severe bout of heavy rain over Athens.

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North American News

Downpour floods Halifax in Canada

Video footage shows the extent of the flooding on the city’s streets.

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South American News

Parts of southern South America have seen biggest increases in flood risk

According to Scientific American, the Southwest U.S., parts of southern South America and the Horn of Africa saw some of the biggest increases in flooding risks while the West Coast, Sahel region of Africa and Australia saw the biggest decreases.

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European News

Woman rescued from car following floods in Tenerife

Police in Tenerife carried out a brave rescue mission to help a woman trapped him her car during a severe flood. Dramatic video footage captures the rescue.

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African News

Continued flooding affects Sudan

Floods have spoiled large tracts of farmlands in the contested area of Abyei between Sudan and South Sudan.

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Asian News

What the floods did to Kashmir’s grand heritage

Kashmir has still not fully recovered from the terrible floods that engulfed the region last month, reports the BBC.

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Australian News

New methods devised to calculate Australian flood risk

University of Adelaide researchers are devising new methods to more accurately estimate long-term flood risk across Australia.

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