Global flood news: Insured losses in the Philippines won’t top $100M

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Global flood news: Insured losses in the Philippines won’t top $100M

Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines last week causing major floods, thousands of deaths and creating the greatest logistical challenges ever faced by the country’s government. However, despite the intensity and destruction of the storm, it has been widely reported that insurance losses are not expected to top $100m.

International News

North American News

Continual increase in NatCat perils set to keep emergency management pros in business

Eric Holdeman, writing for the USA’s Emergency Management blog, ponders how floods, hurricanes, F5 tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and fires are likely to create more work for disaster management professionals in the future.

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South American News

Floods cause billions of dollars in damages to Ecuador

Guy Edwards and Keith Madden, writing for RTCC, note how international pressure to utilise Ecuador’s oil reserves will create irreversible trauma to a country already highly vulnerable to climate impacts and affected by flooding and droughts.

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European News

Severe weather related events contribute to GWP shrink in Europe

Francesca Nyman, writing for the PostOnline, reports that the European market is the only area to see a decline in gross written premiums in the first 9 months of 2013. Losses relating to the floods in Europe this year are cited as key economic pressures.

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African News

Deadly cyclone ravages Somalia’s Puntland

Aaljazeera news reports that as many as 300 people are feared dead after a cyclone and heavy floods hit Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region.

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Asian News

Much of Eastern Asia underinsured for weather as risk

Despite a significant increase in NatCat perils affecting Eastern Asia, the region accounts for only 10% of the $700 billion in insured losses over the last three decades.

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Australian News

1350 properties in Bendigo, Australia at risk of flooding

Kristen Alebakis, writing for the Bendigo Advertiser, reports on the outcome of the Bendigo Urban Flood Study.

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